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The Working Dead

Has any one bragged to you about their job saying things like “I get paid to sit around and do nothing” or “I’m getting paid to run personal errands!”? But if you’re like me you’re probably unsure whether if that’s a good thing. And like everyone, you probably have had the experience of working at such place where they ask very little. Most of the time is passed by surfing the web or maybe doing personal tasks. These places are where deadlines are a Non sequitur and new ideas are quickly shot down with negative criticism by your supervisors. Yes these are namely.. :cough:government :cough: jobs.

Here is a common scenario:

My former co-worker took personal calls on his cell phone while at work. His conversations always started the same way:

Co-worker: Sup?

Caller: Sup. What ya doin’?

Co-worker: Nothing. Working.

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